Concierge Service

We’re an estate agency that’s part of the community. By that, we mean we serve the local area and promote local business that are related to property services

From time to time, we get asked about local trades and services all related to either our own homes, or properties we have.

Furthermore, the scope of our concierge service is that we aim to provide your direction and advice on all things property related. We’re not saying we know everything, but if there’s something we don’t know, then leave it with us and we’ll find out for you.

We’re a One Stop Shop for Homes!

So, we’ve started to put together a list of local companies for you. We're not charging for advertising, getting a finders or referral fee.

We’re simply signposting you to companies who we have used, or been recommended by others we personally know. If you need a particular trade or service, then contact us and we’ll do our best to find you what you need:

THE SMALL PRINT: We are not offering any guarantees or any assurances of quality or price. We’re simply signposting you companies to contact so you can get the information you need to make your own informed decision.

If you are having some work done, then here’s a guide to help you. It’s a general guide that covers a lot. Some parts are more applicable to bigger projects, but most of them still apply to smaller projects too.

Property Sales & Purchases

In addition to helping you sell or buy your next home, we’re happy to provide you any guidance even if you’re using the services of another agent. If you’re unsure about whether you could upsize, downsize, or just need a second opinion then give us a call and ask. If you want to check out something before instructing us, or you’re simply curious, then again, no problem; ask away!

Lettings & Renting

If you let and manage your own property, we’re still happy if you want some advice and guidance as needed. Be aware, you’re 272.5% more likely to be owed 2 months rent in 2021. Using us to manage your property means you’re in safe hands. We’re up to date with constant changing rules and regulations and we will make your life easy. You could say we’re a type of insurance, peace of mind.

Trades & Services

You may have seen posts in local Facebook groups asking for recommendations for electricians, builders etc? As mentioned earlier, we’re promoting local trades that either we have used, or we know someone who has used them. To go on our list, we simply ask, ‘would you use them again?’ If they answer with a yes, then they can go on our list. Please read the small print.

Mortgage & Finances

Would you like a fee free mortgage broker? They will help you find the right lender, right product, some advice if you have complex revenues streams, or not sure how much you can borrow, then give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with one of our trusted brokers. There is NO cost to you as they get paid from the lender. These typically cost between £350 and £600 so worth thinking about.

Conveyancing & Legal

We have a comparison portal (a bit like the comparison sites you may use for your car and home insurance) and from there you can select the most suitable firm for you depending on your needs. We also have a pre-boarding system where you can upload your documents in advance; this will save 2-3 weeks which means you should complete quicker than otherwise.

Property Development & Investing

You may be starting out with your first investment, or may already have a portfolio, we can put you in touch with a team of specialists who can guide and advise you on how to grow your returns. They could help you structure your portfolio, help you to create special purpose vehicle, or using a limited company to best optimise for reducing your tax bill at the end of the year.

Buy to Let

This can be a minefield whether you have one property, or a few of them. Give us to see where we can help you with, just some information, up to date contracts, rent collection, and even reducing your costs through economies of scale. We have 3 landlord plans so depending what your needs, time and budgets are, we’re sure that we can add a lot of value.

Extensions & Conversions

Knowing all the options can make all the difference. If you have some ideas and want to run them by someone who is unbiased and objective, then give us a call to discuss what you’re thinking. We may come up with a different approach, or an angle that you may have not considered. Sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees and between us, we may come up with a better solution.

Love it or List it

Do you sometimes think your house is no longer ‘working’ for you? Again, with an impartial and fresh pair of eyes, we could come up with solutions that re-structures the rooms with some work (extending, knocking down a wall, loft conversion) to make the house ‘fit for purpose’ again. Sometimes it’s cheaper than moving and typically the work adds value so it could pay for itself in the long run.

Search our Trusted Partners Database

Industry Name Conact Number Email Address
builders Carl Leceister 07812 183871
builders Builder Girl 07921172168
builders Cheshire Building Company 01925 480687
landscaping and driveways Stretton 01925 264027
landscaping and driveways AMS Landscapes 07828 899215
landscaping and driveways G C Driveways and Landscapes 07979 857568
electricians Gareth 07837 744324
architects The Drawing Room 01925 269916
joiners Terry Stafford 07970 737185
kitchen and joinery CJK 07713 956586
kitchen and joinery Stag Kitchens 01925 595305
fires/stoves Paul Hesketh 01942 722688
gas Ian Cudahy/Darren 07787949459
gas Dave Poulter 07519 122365
carpets EDS 01925 573775
decorators Denny Brookes 01925 479577
plasterers Tony 07956 265982
plasterers Alan Hinds 07749 939753
Roofer JPH Roofing 07891 079275
Roofer Stretford Roofing 07549 158007
Roofer John Baker 07831 171221
brick layers Dave Moss 07493 214252
Gates Paul Withnall 07496 337033
Cleaners Sue Baldwin 07712 508376
Handy man Jiri Juzl 07877 558183
Windows Conservatories Latchford Village Windows 01925 485156
Windows Pete Cosgrove 07815 521166
Man and van Fred Greer 07388 180938
Dyson repairs MB Dyson Repairs 07860 777945
Boiler Declan Kelly 07955 246780
Boiler Bumble Bee 01925 980076
Boiler Paul White 07989 371259
Appliance repair Wayne Allen 07831 558110
Appliance repair Andrew Mercer 07723 967564