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You may have seen the recent activity in the housing market, houses being sold within hours, and many being sold over the asking price! So whether you’re curious to know what your house is worth, thinking about selling,  weighing up your options, or you’ve already made your mind up about selling, then the first place to start is by getting your house valued. Which ever it is, fill in the contact form and leave the rest to us

Some say valuing a house is an art form, some say it’s a skill; we think it’s a bit of both. Whilst, there are some aspects that more objective, other parts are subjective which mean emotions and perceptions come into play. What’s important and valuable to one buyer, isn’t neccessarily to another. 

So how do we go about valuing your house? There are 2 ways; one is using our free valuation tool that gives you an immediate value. The second is an expert, and more accurate valuation which is more indepth and requires a good look round the house, the area and factoring in some data.

Immediate Valuation

The immediate valuation only requires your address and an email. It’s computer calculated, which means it uses algorithms based on current house prices in the area (from the Land Registry) and it estimates the value in today’s market.

Unfortunately, the immediate valuation can not factor in any value-adding improvements you have made to your home; extensions, new kitchens, loft conversion, landscaping etc, so if you would like an expert valuation with selling price options then enter your details below on the expert valuation for a no-cost, no-obligation appraisal.

Expert Valuation

So what do we take into account to get a more accurate and more detailed valuation?  Some of the more obvious things are like the overall size of the house and land, number of bedrooms, ensuites, reception rooms and sizes too.

Furthermore, we take into account condition and standard such as, kitchen (counter, appliances etc), flooring, hardwood or laminate etc. Bathroom size and materials. Phyical aspects like cracks, plastering needed and age/maintenance related elements. 

In addition, we look for features and aspects of the house or land that will add value, e.g. layout and flow, conservatories are popular, landscaping, well maintained lawns and gardens, kerb appeal, integrated garages can be beneficial too. 

What can make a difference is the decoration and design. Albeit the house will be sold empty, buyers can’t but help, consciously or subconsciously, form an opinion on the furniture or colour scheme. Clutter; little, some or a lot, whilst this doesn’t impact on the value, it can make a difference to how the buyers feel when they are viewing the property, as such, how much of a difference will be reflected in the offer. 

Finally, we look at some data; sold and asking prices for similar houses in the area. However, as two houses are rarely the same, they maybe in terms of build, but with differences in modernisation, condition, standards and materials, we formulate a valuation by factoring in all the elements. 

So you can see how the immediate valution will give a very rough guide based upon sold prices and market trends, where as the expert valuation takes into account much more and thus achieves an indepth, robust, thorough and accurate valuation, at no-cost and no-obligation to you!

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